Audley Theatre

6th April 2015

Excitement is building for our upcoming production ‘Dead Guilty’ by Richard Harris.

Each member of the cast and crew is working hard to bring together this tense and dramatic play. I must give a special mention to our actors and actresses. They are working tirelessly to find their character and learn their detailed and complicated lines. One of our actresses, Lynne Williamson, who plays the role of ‘Margaret’, has an interesting perspective on the challenges she faces with her character:

‘In the 11 years or so I’ve been a member of Audley Theatre; I’ve felt most at home in the comic roles I’ve been fortunate to play. Initially, I was in ‘full on panic mode’ with pages of such a contrasting character to tackle!’

With only a week to go before the box office opens, our journey towards opening night is gathering pace.

Yours in theatre,

Martyn Kerr