Audley Theatre

1st December 2017

A family pantomime written by Wendy Brough
Based on the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”

Why not come with us on a journey to the land of make believe. Where anything is possible if you truly do …believe!
We follow Jack, his mum and two sisters as they struggle to make ends meet. What will become of them? Will they have to sell their cow? Will they receive magic beans? Will Jack have to climb a beanstalk and overcome a giant? Who knows? (with Wendy writing it anything could happen!) The only way to find out is to come join in the fun at Audley Theatre. As well as Jack and co. we have many interesting, colourful and some down right disgusting characters — which the children will love and the parents will hate!

One thing we do guarantee is lots of fun, music, laughter and audience participation. So get your tickets early to avoid disappointment!